New Cotton Gins

Design, manufacture & installation

Americott is the Global leader in Cotton Gin Manufacturing, producing complete full-line cotton gins. We design, manufacturer and build every component to the strictest quality controls and material specifications. Being the manufacturer gives total flexibility on the design, production output and overall budget of any up coming project.

Over 25 years shipping Worldwide

Our History defines us, we have skill, knowledge and experience that can only be gained through actually manufacturing Cotton Gins.

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Factory Built

State of the Art Foundry and machining facilities. Learn more »

Financial leader

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Building Complete Cotton Gins in a variety of countries around the World has given our team the experience and knowledge required to give you all the support & advantages you would expect from the manufacturer.

Our Foundry

The materials used to produce the finest cotton gin machinery components are strictly controlled by our Foundry.

State of the Art Machining

With the latest technology we can manufacturer all.


We are continually Investing in new processes to improve production.

Experience is our History

Handed down from generation to generation, manufacturing cotton ginning machinery is our Business.